Anouk Riffard
PhD student
Ir. at SeaTech Toulon in 2018

Main project: Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Sediment Mobilisation and Transport due to Turbulent Currents
Funding: UCL Assistant
Supervisor(s): Miltiadis Papalexandris

The proposed doctoral research evolves around two principal axes. The first one is the development of mathematical models and algorithms for flows of fluid-solid particles mixtures, i.e. granular suspensions. The second one is the use of these algorithms for the study of sediment mobilisation and transport due to turbulent currents.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Fluid mechanics

fluvial hydraulics
granular materials
two-phase flows

Research group(s): TFL


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Riffard, Anouk; Papalexandris, Miltiadis. Numerical study of the collapse of columns of sand immersed in water using two-phase flow modeling. In: International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 153, p. 104143 (2022).

Conference Papers

1. Riffard, Anouk; Papalexandris, Miltiadis. Collapse of sand columns submerged in water: the role of the aspect ratio and the grain size. 2021 xxx.

2. Riffard, Anouk; Papalexandris, Miltiadis. Influence of the initial volume fraction on the collapse of submerged granular columns. 2020 xxx.