Sarah Vangrunderbeeck
PhD student
MSc (Master of Science) at KU Leuven in 2017

Main project: Synthesis and development of novel contrast agents for 3D multitissue imaging using contrast-enhanced computed tomography.
Funding: FWO project
Supervisor(s): Greet Kerckhofs

The project aims to set the stage for a new era of virtual 3D histology using contrast-enhanced microfocus computed tomography (CE-CT) by developing and validating novel contrast-enhancing staining agents (CESAs). A multidisciplinary approach is applied, crossing the boundaries between biology, engineering, imaging and chemical synthesis. We will develop and synthesize novel CESAs that specifically stain different components of the extracellular matrix in whole tissues. One example within this project is the development of antigen-specific CESAs, which are comparable to immunohistochemistry. Hence, we propose ex-vivo high-resolution CE-CT imaging to become a non-invasive quantitative 3D anatomical tool that will allow unprecedented 3D characterization of the biological tissues.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Biomedical engineering

contrast-enhanced computed tomography
organic synthesis

Collaborations: I am a joint PhD student of the KU Leuven and UCLouvain. My supervisor of the KU Leuven is Wim De Borggraeve.


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. de Bournonville, Sébastien; Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Ly, Hong Giang T.; Geeroms, Carla; De Borggraeve, Wim M.; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana N.; Kerckhofs, Greet. Exploring polyoxometalates as non-destructive staining agents for contrast-enhanced microfocus computed tomography of biological tissues. In: Acta Biomaterialia, Vol. 105, no.-, p. 253-262 (2020). doi:10.1016/j.actbio.2020.01.038 (Soumis).

2. de Bournonville, Sébastien; Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Kerckhofs, Greet. Contrast-Enhanced MicroCT for Virtual 3D Anatomical Pathology of Biological Tissues: A Literature Review. In: Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging, Vol. 2019, no.-, p. 1-9 (2019). doi:10.1155/2019/8617406.

Conference Papers

1. Hoffmann, Delia; Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Maistriaux, Louis; Tohala Pulgarin, Karem Paulette; Fievé, Lies; Duisit, Jérôme; Lengelé, Benoît; Behets Wydemans, Catherine; Kerckhofs, Greet. Contrast-enhanced microfocus computed tomography of body parts and organs: screening and validation of contrast agents.

2. De Bournonville, Sébastien; Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Ly Thi, Hong G.; Geeroms, Carla; De Borggraeve, Wim; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana N.; Kerckhofs, Greet. Contrast-enhanced microCT for virtual 3D anatomical pathology of biological tissues: polyoxometalates for simultaneous imaging of soft and mineralized skeletal tissues.

3. Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; De Bournonville, Sébastien; Ly Thi, Hong G.; De Borggraeve, Wim; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana N.; Kerckhofs, Greet. Development of Novel Non-invasive Contrast Agents for Contrast-Enhanced MicroCT of Biological Tissues.

4. Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Sébastien De Bournonville; Hong Giang T. Ly; Carla Geeroms; Wim Deborggraeve; Tatjana N. Parac-Vogt; Kerckhofs, Greet. Exploring Polyoxometalates as Non-invasive Contrast Agents for MicroCT of Soft Biological Tissues.