Galy Ingrid Nkou Bouala
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr., University of Montpellier, 2016

Main project: Bioresorbable TWIP-CF
Funding: ARC
Supervisor(s): Pascal Jacques

The goal of my research project is to develop and optimize TWIP steels and new alloys for their use as bioresorbable stents. For this application, these materials have to be mechanically strong, biocompatible and their degradation rate has to be adapted to the healing rate of the stented artery. For that, their structure, microstructure and mechanical properties are characterized. For example, Microstructure and phases are evaluated by means of SEM, EDS or EBSD. Tensile tests and indentation tests are used to investigate their mechanical properties. The link between the composition, the microstructure and the multifunctional profile (mechanical behavior and biocorrosion) of these materials could thus be identified.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Biomedical engineering
Processing and characterisation of materials

Research group(s): IMAP