Nicolas Verbeek
PhD student
Ir. Electromechanics UCLouvain in 2019

Main project: Comparison of slotted and slotless PM machines
Funding: RW
Supervisor(s): Bruno Dehez


IMMC main research direction(s):
Dynamical and electromechanical systems

electromechanical device
eletric energy systems
mechanical design

Research group(s): MEED

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Verbeek, Nicolas; Baudart, François; Dehez, Bruno. Loop Formulation in Hybrid Analytical Modeling for Solving 2-D Nonlinear Magnetostatic Problems. In: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 57, no.8 (2021). doi:10.1109/tmag.2021.3083418.

2. Yang, Chen; Verbeek, Nicolas; Xia, Fangzhou; Wang, Yi; Youcef-Toumi, Kamal. Modeling and Control of Piezoelectric Hysteresis: A Polynomial-Based Fractional Order Disturbance Compensation Approach. In: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 68, no. 4, p. 3348-3358 (2021). doi:10.1109/tie.2020.2977567.

Conference Papers

1. Verbeek, Nicolas; Baudart, Francois; Dehez, Bruno. Preliminary comparison of slotless FPC winding and slotted wire winding PM machines. 2020 xxx. doi:10.23919/icems50442.2020.9290926.