Philippe Parmentier

Funding: F.R.I.A.
Supervisor(s): Grégoire Winckelmans, Philippe Chatelain

obtained a master in Mechanical Engineering at the Université catholique de Louvain in 2012 and a master in Aerospace Engineering at the Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse, France) in 2012. He then started his PhD at iMMC/TFL in the field of CFD for external compressible flows past bodies. His research focuses on the development of a hybrid methodology allowing to combine the benefits of an Eulerian compressible solver and a compressible Vortex Particle-Mesh (VPM) solver. The combination of these two approaches would allow studying, more efficiently and more precisely, problems in which compressibility effects and wakes are of importance : e.g. CROR (Contra Rotating Open Rotor) or helicopter blades.

Research group(s): TFL
Collaborations: Cenaero, General Electric Global Research (GE GRC)


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Parmentier, Philippe; Winckelmans, Grégoire; Chatelain, Philippe. A Vortex Particle-Mesh method for subsonic compressible flows. In: Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 354, p. 692-716 (1 February 2018). doi:10.1016/

Conference Papers

1. Winckelmans, Grégoire; Chatelain, Philippe; Marichal, Yves; Parmentier, Philippe; Duponcheel, Matthieu; Caprace, Denis-Gabriel; Gillis, Thomas. Recent developments in vortex particle-mesh (VPM) methods, and applications.

2. Parmentier, Philippe; Winckelmans, Grégoire; Chatelain, Philippe; Hillewaert, Koen. Coupling of a compressible vortex particle-mesh method with a near-body compressible discontinuous Galerkin solver. In: Bulletin of the American physical society. Vol. 60, no.21, p. 590 (November 22-24, 2015). American Physical Society, 2015.

3. Parmentier, Philippe; Winckelmans, Grégoire; Chatelain, Philippe. Development and validation of a 2-D compressible vortex particle-mesh method. In: Bulletin of the American Physical Society. Vol. 59, no. 20, p. 456. American Physical Society, 2014.


1. Parmentier, Philippe. Coupling a vortex particle-mesh method for compressible flows with a discontinuous Galerkin solver, prom. : Chatelain, Philippe ; Winckelmans, Grégoire, 08/11/2018.

2. Parmentier, Philippe. La réussite des études universitaires : facteurs structurels et processuels de la performance académique en première année en médecine, prom. : Denef, Jean-François ; De Ketele, Jean-Marie, 1994.