Jean-Baptiste Crismer
PhD student
Electromechanical engineering: energy, UCLouvain, 2021

Main project: Simulations of Airborne Wind Energy Systems using simple models and Large Eddy Simulations
Funding: ETF
Supervisor(s): Grégoire Winckelmans

In Belgium, the last offshore sites likely to host wind farms are being exploited. It arises the question: How to increase the power production of existing wind farms? The idea is thus to investigate the feasibility of adding airborne wind energy systems (AWES) on top of exiting wind farms to increase their energy production. As no simulation tools allow to take into account complex control, unsteady aerodynamics, turbulent inflow and aeroelastic behaviour for AWES. The BORNE (Belgian Offshore aiRborne wind Energy) project, in collaboration with UGent, will firstly intend to close this gap, to then provide insight with simulations of different scenarios. The contributions of UCLouvain focuses on the accurate modelling of the aerodynamics of AWES wings (rigid or kites) to provide accurate large eddy simulations. We will first go through the aerodynamic characterisation of such wings. To then provide a simple model based on the Prandtl lifting line theory. Then we will calibrate a semi-empirical dynamic stall model to consider more accurately the unsteady behaviour. Improvements will be made on the actual actuator line model to best represent AWES, considering aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. Then the behaviour of AWES in atmospheric boundary layer, turbulent wind and the interaction with wind turbines wakes will be studied.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Fluid mechanics

airborne wind energy systems

Research group(s): TFL

Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Coquelet, Marion; Moens, Maud; Bricteux, Laurent; Crismer, Jean-Baptiste; Chatelain, Philippe. Performance assessment of wake mitigation strategies. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 2265, p. 032078 (2022). IOP Publishing, 2022 xxx. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/2265/3/032078.

2. Crismer, Jean-Baptiste; Trigaux, François; Duponcheel, Matthieu; Winckelmans, Grégoire. Modeling and control of Airborne Wind Energy Systems using lifting line/surface aerodynamics. 2022 xxx.