Other Internet tools



Sustainable School renovation

www.renovermonecole.be (available in French only)

An Internet tool for school renovations, focussing on the well-being of the students and the energy control. The site proposes tools to improve 12 different aspects of the school environment.

Launched in 2016


UCLouvain LOCI Architecture & Climat
SPW Wallonia Public Service

Catherine Massart Coralie Cauwerts

B³ RetroTools

B3 retrotools screenshot

http://www.brusselsretrofitxl.be (available in English only)

Sustainable retrofit of urban blocks and buildings in Brussels Development of a multi-scale and multi-criteria pre-assessment tool

Launched in 2015

UCLouvain LOCI Architecture & Climat
Innoviris BXL Brussels Retrofit

Arnaud Evrard, Sophie Trachte Coralie Cauwerts Claude Crabbé Cedric Hermand Dorothée Stiernon


prosolis.be screenshot

www.prosolis.be (available in French and English)

This tool has been created in the frame of a general interest research program funded by the Walloon Region:
Energy-related characteristics of SOlar PROtections and their impacts on the viSual perception of the users.

Launched in 2014

UCLouvain Architecture et Climat
Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI)
SPW Wallonia Public Service - DG 04

Olivier Dartevelle Cedric Hermand


Daylight in Buildings screenshot

sites.uclouvain.be/eclairage-naturel/ (available in French an partially in English)

An on-line guide to optimization of the use of daylight in architecture on physiological, psychological and energy consumption points of view.

Launched in 2004

UCLouvain Architecture et Climat

Magali Bodart