Bruxelles Woluwe

Theses in progress

Degraeve Alexandra
Tacrolimus pharmacokinetic pathway and microbiota: study of the complex bidirectional partnership for explaining metabolic variability and modulations”
Directors: Laure Elens, Laure Bindels (MNUT)

Hoste Emilia
Atorvastatin toxicokinetics”
Directors: Laure Elens, Vincent Haufroid (IREC)

Lagreula Juliette
Optimizing pharmacotherapy of antipsychotics in clinical daily practice: Moving towards individualized care
Directors: Laure Elens, Olivia Dalleur (CLIP)

Mahieu Gwenaëlle
Study of the parameters modulating the cellular pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of fluoroquinolones in an in-vitro pharmacodynamic model
Directors: Françoise Van Bambeke (FACM), Laure Elens

Ngougni Pokem Perrin
Therapeutic monitoring of beta-lactams antibiotics to improve their efficacy
Directors: Laure Elens, Françoise Van Bambeke (FACM)

Ward Bradley
OMICS data exploratory  analysis of COVID-19 phenotypes through the use of a network-based integrative
Directors: Laure Elens, Leïla Belkhir (IREC, LTAP)