Integrated PharmacoMetrics, PharmacoGenomics and PharmacoKinetics

Bruxelles Woluwe

The PMGK group was created in 2013 with the appointment of L. Elens as a professor in pharmacokinetics. The principal focus of this group is the development and the harmonization of precision medicine through pharmacokinetics (PK) considerations. It mainly aims at characterizing the PK behavior of drugs in humans using quantitative approaches. The research activities cover multiple fields of expertise such as Population-based PK (PopPK), Pharmacogenomics (Pgx) and PKPD relationships, all being essential for the understanding of the fate of xenobiotics administered in humans. More specifically, the PK as well as the Pgx expertise covers vitro and in vivo approaches of drug metabolism, all indispensable and complementary to elucidate the determinants of therapeutic responses.