Center on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing



About us

The Center on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing (CERMA) provides a platform for furthering research and teaching in master and doctoral programs in the area of consumer behavior and responsible marketing strategy.  Both perspectives are investigated into the light of ethics and responsibilities of any partner in a vast range of marketing transactions or activities.

Research themes

 CERMA's research themes encompass:

  1. The understanding of consumers' expectations, attitudes and behaviors through a pluri-disciplinary approach (psychology, sociology, anthropology, economic);
  2. The analysis of responsible marketing strategies in relation with the sustainable development and corporate social responsibility;
  3. The analysis of relational marketing at a strategic and operational level (data mining, multi-channel communication).

The CERMA encourages both conceptual and empirical research, multi-disciplinarity and methodological eclecticism.  Quantitative and qualitative studies are equally valued.

CERMA's activities articulate around the following areas: scientific research, participation to symposia and conferences, publications of international level, training and supervision of doctoral students, hosting of researchers and guest professors, involvement in national and international research networks, organization of seminars and symposia, and business partnerships.

The CERMA, together with the Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure - CeRCLe (Université de Namur, UNamur), built the inter-university Center on Consumers and Marketing Strategy (CCMS).  The CCMS provides a platform for furthering fundamental and applied research as well as doctoral training in the area of consumer behavior and marketing strategy.  The activities of the CCMS are expected to enhance the respectability of marketing as an academic discipline and improve the national and international visibility of the Center as well as the Founding Centers and Universities.