Louvain Bionics

INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH CENTER for the conception and development of surgical, diagnostics and rehabilitation devices

Louvain Bionics is a research center of UCLouvain created in 2014 thanks to the legacy of Mr Pierre De Merre via the Louvain Foundation.

Louvain Bionics brings together researchers from the three academic sectors of UCLouvain – i.e. science and technology, social sciences and health sciences - in order to reinforce knowledge and skills in areas such as surgical assistance, and assistance with diagnosis and rehabilitation. As such, Louvain Bionics coordinates engineers, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, ethicists for the design and validation of medical device prototypes. Louvain Bionics’ translational and multidisciplinary research approach is also based on a constant interaction between designers and users. The ultimate goal of Louvain Bionics is to enable patients to benefit from the progress of research in robotics and, more generally, in bionics.

To achieve these objectives, Louvain Bionics is constantly developing innovative collaborative projects within UCLouvain and beyond.

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