Mission & Activities


Our mission is to improve patient care by boosting knowledge on how technology can best assist the human body and brain. More specifically, Louvain Bionics’ research goals are to

  • Improve our understanding of the interaction between the human brain and body and man-made (medical) device

  • Oversee the design and validation of medical devices prototypes.


1. Building bridges

To achieve its mission's objectives, Louvain Bionics is constantly developing innovative collaborative projects, within UCLouvain and beyond. It coordinates several locally-funded and European-funded projects.

2. Supporting our researchers

  • Louvain Bionics provides logistical support for the organisation of / participation in networking events, project meetings etc.

  • Louvain Bionics offers guidance and hands-on support for the preparation of research funding applications (H2020, ERC, Région Wallonne etc.). 

  • It also provide funding for research or equipment in the form of grants, for its members.

3. Reaching out

Louvain Bionics engages with the community of students and with the general public, through a wide range of activities such as seminars, symposiums and lab tours.