Degree equivalence


Foreign PhD equivalence (PhD including thesis)

Equivalence is a process that aims to equate studies completed abroad to those offered by educational institutions in the French Community of Belgium, with a view to working professionally in Belgium.

Universities are authorised to analyse foreign PhD equivalence cases (PhD including thesis) and, if necessary, send an equivalence declaration .

Only titles and degrees recognised or accredited by the home country’s education authorities will be considered.


Cases are managed by the Research Department and transferred, in the rector’s name, to the Equivalence Committee that handles the PhD degree’s field of study.

Equivalence Committees examine requests and send decisions to the rector:

  • if the decision is positive, an Equivalency Telegram is prepared;
  • if the decision is negative, a rejection letter is prepared.

The negative decision is sent by registered mail to the address on file.
A scanned version is also sent.
Documents can be recovered in person at the Research Department.

Aspects related to this procedure can be found in annex 1 of the UCLouvain PhD Regulations.

The complete equivalence application file in digital format must be sent to:

- Procedure and required documents (read carefully)

- Equivalence application form

For F.R.S.-FNRS Research Associate and Senior Research Fellow grants

Keep in mind that since 2013, foreign PhD equivalence (PhD with thesis) is not required at the time of applying for either of these grants. However, the equivalence application procedure will have to be completed by the grant start date.