A PhD, then what?


Research for the good of all

At UCL, we believe that research is only meaningful when it is in tune with the needs of society and the results can be used. Conducted in a spirit of critical enquiry and reflection, research must drive change and stimulate innovation.

Although researchers prefer to disseminate their work by publishing papers, there are other ways of protecting intellectual property that promote research findings more effectively. With this in mind, UCL set up the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO) in 2011 to foster links between university research and society and to support researchers throughout the knowledge transfer process.

But good research also contributes to researchers’ own professional development, by promoting their skills to a wider audience. To this end, the University endeavours to help PhD students develop their career plan. For instance, UCL’s Student Advisory Service (CIO) offers an array of career development services at every stage of a PhD, including collective workshops, personal interviews, a document centre, tips and advice sheets, online resources and events.

In today’s world, having a PhD means using one’s expertise and all of one’s skills – both subject-specific and transferable – to serve society by addressing the challenges facing us all.