Andrea Iossa

DRT Louvain-La-Neuve

Faculty of Law Lund University

Domaine d'expertise : Comparative Labour Law - European Law - Theory of Law

Andrea Iossa obtained his PhD in labour law in September 2017 from Lund University with the thesis "Collective Autonomy in the European Union - Theoretical, Comparative and Cross-border perspectives on the Legal Regulation of Collective Bargaining". His thesis combines research in labour law and industrial relations and it investigates collective autonomy in its theoretical foundations, in its legal regulation in the Italian and Swedish contexts and in its interplay with the exercise of economic freedoms in the EU internal market.

He has been a visiting researcher at the Institute of Labour Rights at University College London and at the Department of Legal Sciences at the University of Florence.

His research interests conver international, European and comparative labour law and industrial relations, EU law, and labour studies.

Currently, Andrea teaches EU law and labour rights at the Faculty of Law of Lund University.

His latest research activities deal with cross-border operations of companies and social dumping in the EU internal market, with the relationship between labour law and space, and with the legal regulations of new forms of employment relations.


  • 28 mars 2018 de 16h15 à 18h15 (SOCR -242) : Conflicts between Economic Freedoms and Fundamental (labour) rights at EU level - Advanced aspects of Labour Law [LDROP 2141]
  • 02 mai 2018 de 17h30 à 20h30 (LECL 81) : Collective Autonomy in Italian and Swedish Industrial relations - Comparative industrial realtions systems [LTRAV 2740]


  • 23 mars 2018 de 10h30 à 13h30 (SOCR -240) : Séminaire pour les mémorants en droit du travail de la KULeuven et de l'UCL de méthodologie juridique
  • 17 avril 2018 de 16h00 à 18h00 (Salle Jean Dabin) : « Anti-authoritarian employment relations ? » - Séminaire doctoral


Invité par les Professeurs S. Francq, F. Dorssemont.