Lisa Vanhala

DRT Louvain-La-Neuve

University College London

Domaine d'expertise : Sociologie du droit, droits humains, mobilisations juridiques, handicap, changement climatique

Professor Lisa Vanhala is Professor of Political Science at University College London. She completed her doctorate and master's degree at Oxford University and worked at the London School of Economics and Oxfors University before joining UCLouvain. Her research explores the mobilization of law and human rights. She has studied the use of law by disability rights groups, women's organisations, LGBTQ groups and environmental organisations in different jurisdictions. Her current research focuses on the politics and governance of climate change loss and damage, climate change litigation and the intersection of climate change and human rights. Her research has been published in Law & Society Review, Comparative Political Studies, Global Environmental Politics, Human Rights Politics and Law & Policy. Her first monograph, Making Rights a Reality ? Disability Activists and Legal Mobilization won awards from the Canadian Political Science Association and the Socio-legal Studies Association.


  • Mardi 21 avril 2020 de 8h30 à 10h30 (MORE 57) : Legal Mobilization: Why do some groups turn to the courts and others don't? - Sociologie du droit [LDROP2152]

  • Jeudi 23 avril 2020 de 17h15 à 19h15 (MORE 54) : Legal Mobilization: Evaluating the impact of legal mobilization - Sociologie du droit [LDROP2152]

  • Vendredi 24 avril 2020 de 10h45 à 12h45 (MORE 63) : The diffusion of human rights - Sociologie du droit [LDROP2152]

  • Vendredi 24 avril 2020 de 14h00 à 17h00 (AGOR02) : Droit sectoriel de l'environnement [LDROP2063]


  • Mercredi 22 avril 2020 de 13h00 à 17h40 (MORE 71) : Why and how do NGOs turn to the Courts? - Séminaire de recherche - Réservé aux chercheurs et doctorants - Inscription auprès de Caroline Vanschendel (