Tsilly Dagan

DRT Louvain-La-Neuve

Oxford University

Professor Dagan’s main fields of research and teaching are tax law and policy (both domestic and international) and the interaction of the state and the market. She has taught and researched as a scholar in residence at the University of Michigan, University of Western Ontario, and the University of Columbia, and was a member of the Group on Global Justice at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Jerusalem. At Bar-Ilan Professor Dagan served as Editor-in-Chief of the law review and Associate Dean for Research. Her book International Tax Policy: Between Competition and Cooperation (Cambridge University Press) is the winner of the 2017 Frans Vanistendael Award for International Tax Law.

She is also the author of numerous articles, including The Tax Treaties Myth; International Tax and Global Justice; The Global Market for Tax and Legal Rules; The Currency of Taxation; Itemizing Personhood; Commuting; and Rights for Sale.


  • Mercredi 11 mars 2020 de 15h00 à 16h30 : Competition and cooperation, mobility and sovereignty : the EU dilemma - Internal Market Law [LEUSL2023]

  • Jeudi 12 mars 2020 de 10h45 à 12h45 : Multinational corporations and tax treaties - European and International Tax Law [LDROP2081]


  • Mercredi 11 mars 2020 de 12h à 14h (Centre de documentation européenne, room A.146) : Between competition and coordination: the dilemma of State sovereignty. What international taxation can bring in the debate on global justice? - Séminaire