In memoriam Maurice Velge (1935-2020)


On 4 October 2020 Maurice Velge passed away at the age of 84. Almost a decade ago, he came up with the idea of a Chair in European Values and he helped to convince two universities, the UCLouvain and the UAntwerp, to each create a Chair in European values. Inaugurated in 2015, these two chairs are mainly sponsored by the Baillet Latour Fund. Velge himself also continued to sponsor these chairs, while following their activities with great interest. You can find an obituary (in French), written by Professor Bernard Coulie, who helped create the chair at UCLouvain, here.

Maurice Velge speaking on 5 June 2019 at an event in Bozar, jointly organised by the the two chairs he helped to create.

Photo credit: Sophie Kaisin

Publié le 04 octobre 2020