ILC Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Every year in October, the Institute welcomes its new members, whether academic, scientific or administrative.
In addition to a festive drink, it is an opportunity to get familiar with the essential information for a good stay at the ILC


  • Presentation of the presidency of the institute and the local administrative team
  • Presentation of the CORSCI representatives (scientific team)
  • Short and friendly self introduction of each new member
  • Presentation of the doctoral commissions (Infocom & LALE)
  • Organization chart of the ILC and its poles/centers within the UCLouvain
  • Personal identification (signature, portal...)
  • ILC intranet: where is the key information for life in ILC (logistics, subsidies, research assistance...)?
  • Good financial practices (e-account consultation, orders, purchases, expense reports...)
  • Key dates in the institute's agenda
  • Questions/answers

October 2023 presentation

October 2023 members welcome morning