ILC, an Institute within UCLouvain

ILC Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The Language and Communication Institute is one of the UCLouvain's 22 research institutes. It is one of the ten institutes that fall within the Social Sciences and Humanities sector.

The ICL is made up of the following entities:

  •  2 research clusters: PLIN and PCOM (corresponding to the RECOM research centre)
  •  2 technology platforms: CENTAL and MIIL
  •  2 research centres: VALIBEL and CECL
  •  5  research groups: GIRCAM, GReMS, LASCO, ORM and TeAMM

For a better understanding of the university’s various bodies (e.g. faculty, sector, centre), it is helpful to have a general overview of its structure, which is based on 3 levels: