The ILC welcome tools

ILC Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The welcome brochure is designed as a tool for initial orientation within the Institute of Language and Communication (ILC). Intended primarily for newcomers to the university, it attempts to provide brief answers to the first questions that arise: key, identification card, e-mail, parking... It then presents to researchers the structure of the institution in which they will work, between teaching, research and service to society.

ILC arrival checklist

The glossary (in French only) provides an alphabetical list of hyperlinks to general services offered by the administration of the Language and Communication Institute, and more broadly by UCLouvain. It also direct the way to request a more specific service or to approach a more complex procedure.

In any case, its main objective is to head the reader to the more precise and detailed source of information that is the UCLouvain portal, which should be used above all via the search engine. Finally, it completes the welcome brochure.

Welcome PPT (October 2023)