Administrative Information

Obtaining a visa, registering in the municipality, opening a bank account, social security, and more information on the administrative steps to perform when you settle in Belgium.

Blocked account

Proof of sufficient funds - blocked account

Immigration / Visa

For students, researchers and lecturers who are staying for more than three months:

Work Permit

1. For students:

Bank Accounts

If they stay more than three months, students, researchers and lecturers should open a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. In fact, before leaving their home country, they should ask...

Social Security

Students other than grant-assisted PhD students do not pay Belgian social security contributions but do need to take action regarding reimbursement of healthcare costs (see ‘Healthcare’ section).


Students, researchers and lecturers who are citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland must apply for the European Health Insurance Card. This card is free...

Family Allowances

Bachelor’s, master’s and non-grant-assisted PhD students who have enrolled in a degree programme and are under 25 years of age will receive from the UCLouvain Student Support Service a certificate...

Income Taxes and VAT

Students and grant holders (PhD students and postdoctoral researchers) are not liable to tax as individuals unless they earn above a certain amount: see Only PhD...

Unemployment Benefits

After they complete their studies, all students should consult the Belgian Social Security website (French, English, Dutch, German) to find out whether they are entitled to...

Pension Rights

Grant-assisted PhD students and employed researchers and lecturers accrue pension or retirement rights based on the social security contributions deducted directly from their grant or salary. What...