How to make a poster ?

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Poster ?


The scientific poster is a large poster created using PowerPoint software where the researcher presents his research subject in a few words and/or illustrations. It is therefore an excellent way to rethink the fundamentals of your research in both a textual AND visual way and to prepare a presentation or a future symposium...

On the sidelines of the poster, the slide is an opportunity to seize if you want to focus on a particular point of your research: ask a question, emphasize a result, show an image... Easier to create ( which does not mean simplistic), the slide is the subject of a lighter impression in order to launch the presentation of the poster or to organize the discussion around a more manageable medium.

Each year, the ILC organizes a "posters day" which gives an account of the projects in progress.

Assistance with the realization

  • Tips for better "thinking" and writing your poster (thanks to Stéphanie Kleinen, ex-member of the ILC)
  • PPT models respecting the UCLouvain graphic charter
  • Examples of posters and slides from previous years are available in digital format from Laurence Mundschau.

Printing of the poster by the institute

The printing of the poster is carried out at the expense of the institute by a 'UCLouvain internal service (after login). There is an FAQ, a poster template and some valuable information on recording formats, artwork sizes etc. Do not hesitate to read them and ask the technicians for advice if necessary.

How to send the poster to print ?

  • Once your poster is complete, introduce your printing request to the poster printing service  according to the terms indicated on the page
  • In the print request form, indicate the account number provided by the organizer or promoter.
  • By default, select the cardboard paper (130g), color and the ARCH E format (914 mm x 1219 mm).
  • Other arrangements can be made: for example, the poster can be designed in portrait or landscape; don't bridle your imagination
  • Send the file either via the intranet (“Manage my order” on the page, or by Transvol (if+ 8Mb) to the email address

Printing delivery time

The printing price depends on the printing time. To benefit from an advantageous rate (15 EUR), your poster must be sent to the UCLouvain "poster printing" department before 9 a.m. THREE working days before the event.

Example: if the Posters day takes place on Friday 17/2, the collection takes place on 16/2, and therefore the shipment must take place on 14/2 before 9am.


How to receive the poster ?

  • An email will be sent to you to notify you that the poster(s) is/are printed and is/are available to you at the Mendel building (upper town): Each poster will be individually wrapped.
  • Check the poster before you take it away. In the event of a problem, there will still be time to request a possible correction. You can also arrange to take a colleague's poster.

How to fix a poster ?

  • Screen, picture rails and means of fixing the poster are planned and supplied by the institute. Generally these are self-adhesive fixings on one side (poster side) and self-gripping on the other (rail side).
  • The Institute has pannels allowing the double-sided display of posters. They are available on reservation.

How to present a poster ?  

  • Presentation : each researcher/team speaks for a maximum of one to two minutes, projecting on a screen facing the public either their poster or a single “aperitif” slide;
  • Speech: after these short oral presentations, the assembly walks around to talk with the researchers around the poster hanging on the picture rails

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