edX MicroMasters programs

MicroMasters ® program is an in-depth and rigorous program of study, with a path to credit from prestigious universities, including Université catholique de Louvain. Faster, flexible and free to try, the program offers learners valuable knowledge to enhance their careers and create a path to an accelerated Master’s program. MicroMasters programs are offered on edX.org, the nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT.

MicroMasters programs proposed by UCLouvain:

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Are there admission criteria to edX MicroMasters programs?

MicroMasters programs have no admissions requirements, and are open to anyone. You don't need to register to the program. Simply register to every MOOC composing the program. Each MOOC must be taken with the "Verified Certificate" option. This will allow the learner's identity verification as well as rigourous and proctored exam procedures.

Learners who successfully earn a MicroMasters credential may then apply to on campus program that recognizes the MicroMasters credential. Once they are accepted at an institution that recognizes the MicroMasters credential, they can apply it toward a segment of the full Master’s degree program, reducing the time spent on campus and the overall cost of the program.

What is the cost of a MicroMasters program?

To earn a MicroMasters program certificate, you must take each course with the "Verified Certificate" charged option. The fee is $150 for LouvainX courses. This option allows the learner's identity verification as well as rigourous and proctored exam procedures. Those are important conditions to deliver ECTS credits if you register afterwards in a degree program on campus.

Is a MicroMasters program certificate a degree?

No, a MicroMasters program certificate is not a degree. It's a signal that you have acquired new knowledge and skills by learning by yourself. Adding a MicroMasters certificate to a resume/CV or LinkedIn signifies that a learner has gained exposure to a field at a strategic level, giving him or her the knowledge necessary to advance his or her career.

What UCLouvain degree may I accelerate with an edX MicroMasters program?

  • In Law:

You may present the LouvainX International Law MicroMasters certificate when applying to the Advanced Master in International Law organised in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. If you're admitted, you'll get 20 credits out of the 60 credits of this master's degree. Admission to this advanced master's degree will be granted to students who hold a second-cycle degree in Law, international relations or political sciences.
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  • In management :

The LouvainX Management MicroMasters certificate will allow you to accelerate your path in different master's degree from the Louvain School of Management (master 60 or master 120). Depending on your profile, previous diploma and chosen program, you'll be able to gain maximum 30 credits. The MicroMasters program and the master's on campus programs are organized in French.
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