Louvain moocXperience is a project that seizes the MOOC opportunity for rethinking higher education at Louvain university and worldwide. MOOCs stand for Massive Open Online Courses: free courses, open to be attended by anyone interested in.
The project is managed by the Louvain Learning Lab as a teaching and learning innovative project. It's part of the Digital University strategic plan (Louvain 20 20). It's supported by Chaire Treetop by mean of the Fondation Louvain.

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The main goals of the Louvain moocXperience are to

  • rethink Higher Education by actively experimenting the MOOCs trend
  • explore new forms of teaching and learning, online AND on campus
  • transform on-campus teaching and learning into forms more relevant for digital natives students
  • spread widely high quality knowledge based on an academic approach
  • be part of a worldwide network of high quality partners, through the edX consortium
  • get access to important data (learning analytics) in order to develop new researches on teaching and learning


University of Louvain joined the edX consortium in March 2013, an event that triggered the launch of Louvain moocXperience. The project could develop more thanks to the sponsorship of Chaire Treetop by mean of Fondation Louvain.

The project is focused on developing MOOCs for the edX.org platform (LouvainX online courses). However, other MOOC initiatives have raised inside the university community. Several MOOCs in the field of sciences and technology are developed in collaboration with the Rescif network: a French speaking network for innovation and development in engineering. Also, the Louvain Learning Lab has developed a MOOC about teaching online (eLearn2 - Se former en ligne pour former en ligne).