Teaching and Training Department Management

The management of the Teaching and Training Department is responsible above all for the following:

  • coordination of ADEF services and associated entities;
  • secretariat of Teaching and Training Committee (CEFO);
  • support for authorities responsible for teaching and training policy, institutional projects, files concerning the French Community of Belgium Research and Higher Education Academy (ARES), UCL research centres and the French Community of Belgium University Rectors Council (CREF), and internal and external communication;
  • teaching and training support for faculties and administrative departments: EPC (French acronym for ‘students, study programmes, teaching loads’), coordination of academic support (‘aide à la réussite’), institutional teaching and training collaborations, diploma generation.

Contact information

Director: Philippe Parmentier (Secretary: Valérie Van Bever, +32(0)10/47 88 11)

Diploma generation: Valérie Van Bever, +32(0)10/47 88 11

Teaching and Training Committee (CEFO): Ingrid Querton

Teaching and Training Agreements: Ingrid Querton

EPC: Philippe Jamart

Academic Support (‘Aide à la réussite’): Erika Weinkauf

ARES/research centres: Jérémy Daras