Teaching and Training Department Administration

Through their respective missions and in partnership with the faculties, the Teaching and Training Department and its four services (CIO, SIC, QOPA and IUFC) and two associated entities (LLL, ILV) make sure that all facets of a UCL education maintain the highest standards of quality.

ADEF offers:

  • support for faculties to develop and evaluate basic and continuous training provision;
  • student information, orientation and admission/enrolment services;
  • professional development guidance and innovative teaching techniques for educators;
  • support for authorities responsible for teaching and training policy, project management and institutional partnerships.

The department’s services are available at several UCL sites. At UCL Mons, the Student Administrative Support Service (SASE) fulfils several missions by working closely with the Enrolment Office (SIC) and the Orientation and Career Centre (CIO).

Information on the department’s services and associated entities is available via the side menu.