Zero tolerance for harassment


The university is extremely firm in its fight against all forms of harassment.

In the last few days, the press has reported cases of harassment at universities in Belgium. Some testimonies implicate our university. 

The university would like to remind you that it is extremely firm in its fight against all forms of harassment, both towards students and towards the various categories of staff. 

The university takes all necessary measures to prevent harassment, to investigate complaints brought to its attention and to firmly sanction inappropriate behaviour, while respecting its prerogatives and the fundamental rights of individuals. The university authorities understand that the response given to victims in the past, in certain specific cases, has not been commensurate with the suffering experienced and they regret this.

The university reaffirms its commitment to zero tolerance of all forms of harassment. In terms of prevention, the university has put in place a series of measures that will be reinforced and made more visible. Substantial resources continue to be implemented in the framework of the gender policy and the Horizon 600 strategic plan. Training for students and all staff will be offered in the near future. 

Rector Vincent Blondel reminds us that “the fight against sexual harassment and violence is a collective issue that requires the mobilisation of the university and of every individual.”

Victims or witnesses of violence: Where to turn?

At UCLouvain

  • Cellule Together (Together Unit”): care for students and staff members who are victims of any form of violence, and preventive action. Contact :
  • Your prevention advisor in the context of the Wellness Act. 

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Published on February 15, 2022