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The Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters has more than 100 renowned academic institution partners around the world. During your course, you will have at least one opportunity (during your bachelor’s and/or master’s) to attend one of the partner institutions.

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Bachelor’s (from year two onwards), master’s and PhD students interested in studying at a partner university or in a dual degree programme or working abroad in a company or research centre are invited to participate in International Week, before the call for applications for exchange grants is launched.

The 2022-23 International Week organised by the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters will take place from 17 to 20 October 2022.

When can I go abroad?

In principle, all students enrolled in a FIAL programme may spend part of their course at one of the universities with which FIAL has a partnership agreement.

However, the terms of the exchange and the periods allowed vary from programme to programme.

In general, students enrolled in a 60-credit master’s course or in a teaching degree course are not eligible to apply for an exchange. Master’s students enrolled in the teaching focus may not take teaching degree classes or do internships abroad.

Can I receive a grant or funding?

The vast majority of exchanges are organised within the framework and with the financial support of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

Provided they meet a series of eligibility criteria, students can obtain an Erasmus+ grant.

  • The Fonds d’aide à la mobilité étudiante (FAME) programme provides funding for exchanges in countries that are not eligible under the Erasmus+ programme. In addition, UCLouvain has launched its International Action Committee’s Mercator programme, which allows co-financing of mobility outside the EU.
  • Through the Erasmus+ international dimension programme, the faculty’s PhD students can apply for a grant that will allow them to carry out a three-month research residency at one of our partner universities in Armenia or Georgia (email us for more information).
  • For more information, go to the grant webpages (available after login).

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