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March 2021


At the initiative of the Bureau, the CORSCI regularly organizes meetings on Teams with temporary scientific staff. The CORSCI also pays particular attention to the reception of international researchers.

A tension is expressed among PhD students at the end of their thesis because of the uncertainties related to the evolution of their career. Some are frustrated by not being able to participate in international congresses. An informal meeting was held on February 22nd with the President and the CAI in order to follow up on the support provided by the Institute and to remind them of the possibilities available to researchers concerning the continuation of their career after completing their thesis (mobility, development of skills, professional integration).

The members of the Bureau are available to answer questions and any request for assistance from researchers. 


Several studies have been carried out by members of our Institute on the health crisis, but without being well known to researchers. During an online event organized on February 25th, the researchers concerned were invited to briefly present their studies and results. These presentations were followed by discussions on the prospecting of research around the pandemic crisis.


Given the success of the formula, and as a replacement for the IPSY Day, the Bureau decided to organise two other thematic events, each lasting no more than 1h30, one around the Easter holidays and the other in May. The first symposium will bring together academic members who have joined the Institute in recent years and who have not yet had the opportunity to speak at an IPSY Day. The Bureau wishes to give them the opportunity to introduce their field of research.


The Bureau of the Institute wished to provide an answer to the desire to optimise our requests for research grants expressed by the IPSY Conseil.

Among the ideas that emerged was that of an internal pre-review system for proposals. You will find on our Intranet ("Services for researchers" section) various funding lines and the names of resource persons (volunteer promoters) who have agreed to be contacted for submissions. This list is indicative, and the importance of the investment that the resource persons can make (from simple advice to pre-expertise of the dossier) is entirely at their discretion.


The Bureau welcomed the request for the creation of two new CPS:

  • Clinical orthopedagogy and development (coordinator: N. Grosbois)
  • School and vocational guidance (coordinator: F. Nils). 


You will find below the agenda of the PhD theses presented since November 2020.


On November 24, 2020, Elodie Arnéguy has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

L'influence de la justice sur le readiness for change : mieux comprendre les modalités de son influence

Supervisors:   Prof. Marc Ohana, Florence Stinglhamber


On November 27, 2020, Samuel Salvaggio has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

A study of attention and cognitive cost in numerical cognition with eye tracking

Supervisor:   Prof. Michael Andres


 On December 15, 2020, Mathias Schmitz has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Direct and indirect compensation : of consequences and antecedents of dimensional compensation in social evaluation

Supervisor:   Prof. Vincent Yzerbyt


Funding for extensions of an employment contract or scholarship,

for a maximum of 3 months


For postgraduate students registered at UCLouvain, starting their final year of doctoral thesis (end of the thesis between 1 January 2021 and 31 January 2022). 

The extension will be justified by delays resulting directly from the health crisis. Delays resulting directly from the health crisis are defined as follows: 

  • Cancellation of field or international missions 
  • Laboratory work or data collection prevented or delayed
  • Baby-sitting of children under the age of 12 when day-care centres and schools are closed
  • Temporary interruption of research activity to assist hospitals or laboratories in the context of the health crisis  

Electronic submission to crec-adre@uclouvain.be using the ad hoc form, by Monday 29 March 2021 at 9am.


More information : N. Fraselle


The university has announced a measure to harmonise the amount of grants awarded to researchers (FNRS, FRIA, FRESH, FSR). This measure follows a decree voted during the previous legislation and is currently being implemented. In the case of grants from external funds, promoters who have difficulties in covering the increases may submit a request for intervention by the External Resources Management Committee (CGRE), to the attention of Ms Cécile Sibille.


A PhD student who receives his/her grant directly from his/her funder is not affected by this harmonisation.


UCLouvain Psychology is ranked 61/302 in the QS World Ranking. To put this in context, Penn State in the USA and Maastricht are joint 58th, John Hopkins is 66th, Ghent is 74th, University of Birmingham  is 78th, Université de Montréal 129th.


More details: https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/university-subject-rankings/2021/psychology 


Stephan van den Broucke's work 

Most cited article in European Journal of Public Health : Health literacy in Europe: comparative results of the European health literacy survey (HLS-EU) | European Journal of Public Health | Oxford Academic (oup.com)

The COST SACURIMA network in which Stephan van den Broucke is involved as work package leader has been selected by COST as one of the 10 most successful actions in terms of policy impact.


Do you wish to organise a scientific videoconference?  The Zoom platform has been acquired by the university for this precise purpose. Thus, IPSY can now offer you a platform and administrative support to facilitate the organisation of your online events.

Zoom can be used for conferences and congresses, and also for IPSY webinars and thesis defences but only when some of the participants are external to UCLouvain.


For any request to organise a scientific event online:                IPSY-zoom@uclouvain.be 

Contact IPSY: Laure Himmer ( laure.himmer@uclouvain.be )


Our Vade Mecum contains all the practical arrangements for the operation of IPSY. It is now available in English on our intranet site under the heading Our Institute.



English version



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What's new in IPSY?
The latest news at your fingertips
November 2020


Dear IPSY members:


You have in front of your eyes the first IPSY newsletter, the culmination of a project that was carried by Nadine Fraselle and Laure Himmer.  Its objective is to keep you informed of important events within our community: arrivals and departures of members, doctoral theses, prizes awarded to our members, scientific events, etc...  In the dehumanizing situation of confinement that we are going through, this initiative will help maintain the ties that unite us and bring us together around common goals.  Do not hesitate to contact directly the bearers of the different projects described in this Newsletter and to break the isolation induced by confinement.

Do not hesitate either to send us any relevant information for future editions.

Enjoy your reading!

Pierre Philippot, IPSY President



Welcome to all the people who have joined us since January 2020:

  • In the administrative staff : Achraf Tssiche (logistics and accounting manager) and Laure Himmer (research secretary)
  • In the scientific staff : Magali Beylat, Noémie Brison, Anaëlle Camarda, Sarah Carneiro Pereira, Filippo Cerpelloni, Hubert de Condé, Charlie Devleeschouwer, Hélène Dumont,  Maïlis Gigi, Joanne Gosselain, Pauline Grippa, Said Ibrahim Sameh, Mareike Kaemmerer,  Veena Kamble, Alice Laniepce, Marie Nilles, Fiorentino Polipo Niccolo, Alexia Roux-Sibilon, Christa Taylor, Alice Van Audenhaege, Nadia Zacharioudakis

If your name does not appear on this list, please contact Nadine Fraselle who will integrate you in the Institute’s mailing lists.


The FNRS Quinquennal Awards 2020 rewards Professor Vassilis Saroglou for the excellence of his research.  

Every 5 years, the The FNRS Quinquennial Awards reward 5 outstanding researchers of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in the field of biomedical sciences (fundamental and clinical), exact sciences (fundamental and applied) and human and social sciences. Researchers who, each in their own field, have made it possible to push back the frontiers of knowledge. Our colleague Vassilis Saroglou has just received the prize for the human and social sciences. We warmly congratulate him for his bold and innovative work, his recognition within international organizations and the intellectual leadership he exercises in his field of research.

Ne manquez pas ci-dessous, l’interview du Professeur V. Saroglou par le Professeur A. Heeren.


Professor Annalisa Casini receives the "Gender & Covid-19" award from the Women & Science Committee of ARES


The Women & Science Committee has awarded six prizes in the framework of the exceptional "Gender & Covid-19" Prize. Submissions could take place in the following categories: human and social sciences, health science, science and technology and art.


The committee awarded a prize to Annalisa Casini and Florence Degavre for their research work on the theme: "The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the family/work conflict in the home-care professions". The research aims to understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on workers and to study their individual and collective strategies for dealing with it. It mobilizes the concept of family-work conflict, which calls upon the notions of gender identity, psychosocial factors and organizational support.


The activities around research within the Institute have not stopped despite the current health crisis, they are simply adapted to it. Here is a brief overview.


Doing my research in a pandemic situation

October 22, 2020

 This Teams event was a first informal contact during which researchers communicated the difficulties they are encountering, expressed their concerns and frustrations, and shared solutions, original means and other features of inventiveness that might allow them to optimize their resilience.

Several initiatives are likely to counter the deleterious effects of "COVID" measures on the social life in our IPSY community. The IPSY Bureau is now implementing these initiatives in collaboration with the CORSCI. 


PhDs @ Work

October 28, 2020

Sophie Leclère is responsible for the administrative coordination and valorization of the PhD in UCLouvain research administration. She coordinates various actions that have led to the publication of three very useful tools focused on the development and promotion of doctoral students' skills.

- A brochure on self-evaluation of competences

- A training catalog

- A "Net@Work" brochure on professional opportunities after the PhD thesis

She presented the tools on a Teams event that was another opportunity to develop social and support networks among PhD students.

Please find detailed information about these tools on our intranet: https://intranet.uclouvain.be/fr/myucl/instituts-recherche/ipsy/outils.html
#Tout savoir sur Valo Doc



OnlineXP Forum

October 28, 2020

This forum provided an opportunity to discuss the implementation of online experiment software and to allow the maintenance of research activity during COVID19 restrictions. The participants reviewed some experiment software solutions as well as the pricing and possible solutions to obtain and use the tools.


You will find below the agenda of the PhD theses presented since January 2020.


On January 30, 2020, Gil Vertongen has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Success of adults returning to university: an integrative perspective

Supervisors:   Prof. Frédéric Nils, Françoise de Viron


On March 13, 2020, Matthias De Wilde has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

From passive to active self-objectification

Supervisors:   Prof. Stephanie Demoulin, Annalisa Casini


On April 21, 2020, Pierre Gérain has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Caring until it hurts : an investigation of informal caregiver burnout

Supervisor:   Prof. Emmanuelle Zech


On May 12, 2020, François Moors has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

The Emergence of the Therapeutic Relationship: An Enlightenment through the Interpersonal Paradigm

Supervisor:   Prof. Emmanuelle Zech


On May 18, 2020, Hélène Henry has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
What are the opportunities for better aging at work?

Supervisor:   Prof. Donatienne Desmette


On May 28, 2020, Gaëtan Devos has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Impulsivity and gambling-related cognitions in problem gambling : a multi-methods exploration

Supervisors:   Prof. Joel Bilieux, Pierre Maurage 


On June 17, 2020, Kirsten Petras has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
Redundancy in the visual system

Supervisor:   Prof. Valérie Goffaux


On July 10, 2020, Laurie Geers has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
Beyond the duality of vision: Experimental study of the interaction between perception and action using visual illusions

Supervisors:   Prof. Michael Andres, Mauro Pesenti


On September 10, 2020, Nathan Nguyen has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Organizational dehumanization and emotional work: smiling or not smiling when we are dehumanized by our organization

Supervisor:   Prof. Florence Stinglhamber


On September 25, 2020, Sébastien Dellisse has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Supporting Change in Teaching Practices: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Reading Comprehension Learning in Early Secondary School

Supervisors:   Prof. Benoit Galand, Xavier Dumay


On September 29, 2020, Maria Toth-Gauthier has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
The contribution of intelligence to metaphysical questioning in young people with high intellectual potential
Supervisor:   Prof. James Day


On September 29, 2020, Sullivan Fontesse has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Dehumanisation in severe alcohol use disorder : identification of its relationship with patients' emotions, cognitions, behaviours, mental health and clinical prognosis


Supervisor:   Prof. Pierre Maurage


On October 27, 2020, Claudia-Neptina Manea has publicly defended her PhD thesis:

Woman, man or simply negociator? The antecedents and consequences of gender ideologies in negociation
Supervisors:   Prof. Stéphanie Demoulin, Vincent Yzerbyt


On November 4, 2020, Angélique Volfart has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
Study of the ventral visual system in temporal lobe epilepsy from a new approach in electrophysiology

Supervisors:   Prof. Bruno Rossion, Jacques Jonas, Valérie Goffaux


On November 13, 2020, Julie Terache has publicly defended her PhD thesis:
The big two in social comparison: compensation between competence and warmth in interpersonal comparisons involving the self

Supervisor:   Prof. Vincent Yzerbyt


We are pleased to invite you to the GIRSEF meeting that will be held on Wednesday,

December 2, 2020 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, on the subject :

Well-being and motivation of students in times of pandemic.
Results of two recent studies with secondary school students

Speakers : Noémie Baudoin, Liesje Coertjens, Sébastien Dellisse and Benoît Galand

Due to the new measures that have come into force at UCLouvain, in connection with the health situation, this Girsef meeting will only be held online on Teams.

We ask you to register before November 23rd via the following link:

Teams link https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a3a3c0eaf60fe43358f98c3b54db1d12c%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=c511e349-e0ea-466d-b635-9bcc66c6912a&tenantId=7ab090d4-fa2e-4ecf-bc7c-4127b4d582ec–  
Access code : on8nicd

If you wish to announce an IPSY activity in this Newsletter, please fill in the form via the following link: https://uclouvain.be/fr/instituts-recherche/ipsy/annoncer-une-activite-ipsy.html 


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