Crystallization Process Development


Crystallization process development

As part of our research we focus on developing and upscaling crystallization processes for pharmaceutically active as well as food compounds. We do this for industrial as well as academic partners, working on drugs in development, as well as drugs/food compounds which are already marketed but which require an optimized process.


Co-crystal screening

Our laboratory has a particular expertise in co-crystal screening. We are continuously on the look-out to improve co-crystal screening methods, and work on a multitude of active pharmaceutical ingredients. In this context, we identified novel co-crystals of Levetiracetam, using Piracetam as a template, and achieving a high co-crystal succesrate.


Co-crystallization from solution

We also combine our expertise in co-crystal screening with that of the crystallization process, focusing on developing co-crystallization processes from solution. In this context, we have extended expertise in development of ideal process conditions and construction of co-crystal phase diagrams.

Novel solution based co-crystal applications

We also try to go beyond mere co-crystallization from solution, by looking into novel co-crystallization applications.

In this context, we showed how, unlike salts, co-crystals behave enantiospecifically, and used this peculiarity to develop a novel resolution process, for those compounds that do not or not easily form salts. Once more, we developed an expertise in solution thermodynamics. As an example we resolved Levetiracetam from a racemic mixture, using S-mandelic acid as a chiral resolution agent.