Prof. Olivier Riant


The research group of Prof. O. Riant develops a general expertise in the field of organometallic stereochemistry. We develop new methodologies involving transition metals catalysis including mainly copper(I)-catalyzed reaction but, nickel and palladium, are also being studied in our group. We are currently interested in the discovery and the optimization of various asymmetric transformations to produce enantioenriched chiral molecules. These transformations are accomplished by means of asymmetric hydrosilylation, domino reactions, dual catalysis, conjugate silyl and boryl additions. We have also initiated new programs aimed towards the use of asymmetric catalysis in the synthesis of biologically active molecules.

In recent years, we started to develop new projects in the field of Medicinal Chemistry and chemical biology and in the field of Surface Chemistry trying to bridge the gap between nanotechnology and supported catalysis. These different areas of research are now well established in our group.

I hope that our website could answer some of your questions, and in case you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,

Professor Olivier RIANT