Prof. Michel DEVILLERS


Coordination and organometallic chemistry applied to heterogeneous catalysis and materials science

Coordination chemistry with high denticity ligands and application to the preparation of inorganic materials

Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of new coordination compounds based on Bi, Mo, V, Nb, Ta, and lanthanides, with carboxylate, polyaminocarboxylate or peroxo(polyamino)carboxylate ligands. Investigation of their thermal degradation schemes and application of these compounds as precursors for the preparation of oxide-type materials (In particular : stabilized delta-Bi2O3 phases). Morphological, textural and spectroscopic studies of these materials.

SEM images

 SEM images of (a,b) YVO4 and (c) GdVO4prepared by various methods


Search for new organometallic or coordination chemistry routes for the preparation of  supported or unsupported multicomponent oxides

(in collaboration with the Laboratory of Catalysis and Chemistry of divided Materials, UCL).

Search for new processes (non classical precursors, sol-gel methods) for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts based on

        - Nb, V, Mo or (Collaboration with the University of Parma, Italy),

        - pure or mixed Ni and Co molybdates modified by other elements.

Implementation of these catalysts in propane oxidative dehydrogenation. Investigations and rationalization of the promoting role of lanthanides in these catalysts. Comparative study of different supports in sol-gel and impregnation-made supported catalysts.