Contino Francesco Research Group


Members of the Research Team

  • Jarl Beckers, PhD student
    Robust design of compressor
  • Diederik Coppitters, PhD student
    Robust energy storage with hydrogen
  • Charles Lhuillier, PhD student
    Potential of ammonia in spark ignition engines
  • Junior Lorenzo Llanes, PhD student
    Efficient biomethanation from sugar waste
  • Xavier Rixhon, PhD student (co-advisor prof. Hervé Jeanmart)
    Optimized and robust energy transition pathway for Belgium through uncertainty quantification
  • Sara Spano, PhD student (co-advisor prof. Hervé Jeanmart)
    Study on HCCI engines
  • Davide Tonelli, PhD student
    Techno-economic analysis of e-fuels
  • Kevin Verleysen, PhD student
    Robust energy storage with ammonia


Past members

  • Simon Abraham,
    Quantication Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamic Applications
  • Nicolas Bourgeois,
    Numerical study of multi-dimensional effects in Rapid Compression Machines (completed December 2018) - co-advisor Prof. H. Jeanmart (VUB)
  • François Boveroux, PhD student
    Real driving emissions passenger cars
  • Séverine Cassiers, PhD student
    Real driving emissions heavy-duty
  • Salvatore Iavarone,
    Uncertainty Quantification for Scale-bridging Modeling of Multiphase Reactive Flows
  • João Miranda,
    Adjoint Method for combined robust optimization, error estimation and uncertainty
    quantication in CFD
  • Marina Montero Carrero,
    Decoupling heat and electricity production from micro gas turbines
  • Maxime Pochet, professor at ECAM
    Use of electrofuel blends in homogeneous-charge compression-ignition engines : an experimental focus on ammonia-hydrogen (completed June 2020) - co-advisor prof. Hervé Jeanmart
  • Stefanie Van Damme,
    Advanced biofuels: oxidation kinetics of methyl pentanoate and life cycle assessment of triacetin
  • Panagiotis Tsirikoglou,
    Global optimization schemes for engineering design under uncertainties
  • Pierre Bréquigny, Post-doc
  • Ward De Paepe, Post-doc
  • Igor Dyakov, Post-doc