Jeanmart Hervé Research Group


Members of the Research Team

  • Dr. Véronique Dias, research associate
    Project "FREE - Flexible eneRgy vEctors of the futurE" and project "Kinetic model for hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds"
  • Martin Colla, doctoral student
    Technical and economic analyses of synthetic fuels derived from biomass
  • Elise Dupont, doctoral student
    Impacts of energy efficiency and energy availability on economic growth
  • Gauthier Limpens, doctoral student
    Storage analysis based on energy return on investment for future european scenarii : from electrical production to consumption with grid and storage implementation
  • Arnaud Rouanet, doctoral student
    Improvement of gas quality in small-scale biomass gasification facilities through steam injection
  • Xavier Rixhon, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. Francesco Contino)
    Optimized and robust energy transition pathway for Belgium through uncertainty quantification
  • Sara Spano, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. Francesco Contino)
    Study on HCCI engines

Collaborative theses

  • Ali Diane, doctoral student
  • Laetitia Zougrana, doctoral student


Past members

  • Subir Badhuri
    Experimental studies on HCCI combustion of biomass syngas towards tar tolerant operation (completed September 2015)
  • Benjamin Berger, professor at ECAM
    Numerical and experimental investigation of two-stage downdraft biomass gasification (completed August 2018)
  • Julien Blondeau, professor at VUB
    Investigation of pulverised biomass combustion. Detailed modelling of particle pyrolis and experimental analysis of ash deposition (completed May 2013)
  • Nicolas Bourgeois,
    Numerical study of multi-dimensional effects in Rapid Compression Machines (completed December 2018) - co-advisor Prof. F. Contino (VUB)
  • Francesco Contino, professor at VUB
    Combustion in homogeneous charge compression ignition engines (completed May 2011) - co-advisor prof. Patrick Gerin (UCL)
  • Lucio De Fusco
    Assessment of ash agglomeration and fouling in combustion by theoretical and experimental biomass fuels characterization (completed January 2017)
  • Catherine Duynslaegher
    Experimental and numerical study of ammonia combustion (completed September 2011) - co-advisor prof. J. Vandooren (UCL)
  • Haddy Mbuyi Katshiatshia, professor at Université de Kinshassa
    Characterization of ethyl valerate combustion by analyzing low pressure flames (completed March 2016) - co-advisor
    Dr. Véronique Dias (UCL)
  • Nicolas Parmentier
    Experimental characterization and numerical simulation of packed beds of wood particles (completed June 2015)
  • Maxime Pochet, dprofessor at ECAM
    Use of electrofuel blends in homogeneous-charge compression-ignition engines : an experimental focus on ammonia-hydrogen (completed June 2020) - co-advisor prof. Francesco Contino (VUB)
  • Stefanie Van Damme
    Advanced biofules: oxidation kinetics of methyl pentanoate and life cycle assessment of triacetin (completed March 2018) - co-advisor prof. F. Contino (VUB)