Animal facility

Bruxelles Woluwe

The main goals of this platform are to procure improved living conditions for animals in a state-of-the-art facility, as well as give access to high-end equipment for researchers, in an effort to mutualize equipment, skills and knowledge within the institute. The platform is currently composed of a logistician (Solveig Mouterde) and two technicians (Rachid El Kaddouri and Mihaly Palmai-Pallag).

The Animal Facility Platform offers the following services:

  • Housing of rodents used in experimentation according to the legal requirements
  • Daily care of the animals (daily check-up, cage changes etc.)
  • Follow-up of the welfare and sanitary status of the animals
  • Access to laboratories situated in the same confinement zones as the animals
  • Training as well as protective equipment for the users entering the facility
  • Building, equipment and procedure-based barriers ensuring the preservation of the animals’ sanitary status

Advice and help regarding in-vivo experiment design and animal experimentation techniques The platform is serviced with the following equipment: 

  • Individually ventilated cages (IVC)
  • Cage-changing stations with laminar air-flow
  • Bedding disposal stations with laminar air-flow
  • Cage-washers
  • Autoclaves
  • H2O2 disinfection rooms
  • Air showers for the personnel and users’ entrance
  • Air pressure differentials between rooms (sanitary barriers)
  • Laboratories incl. chemical hoods

The laboratories are being progressively equipped through a joint effort from the research teams using the facility, and following a philosophy of mutualisation, in order to give access to the following services:

  • Conventional area: surgery, laser Doppler, intravital imagery, tumor induction, ultrasonography, telemetry, metabolic cages
  • Linné-like area: surgery, laser Doppler, intravital microscopy, tumor induction, viral infection (L2 biosafety lab), metabolic cages
  •  SPF-like area: surgery, cell therapy, tumor induction, inhalation cage