Regenerative Medicine

Bruxelles Woluwe




  • Cell therapy, cell transplantation, stem cell  therapy , translational medicine using cells
  • Implantable tissue, scaffolds, hydrogels, organoïds,  any tissue engineering
  • Stem cells, IPS, MSC’s, BM, Cord,…
  • Gene therapy, small molecules, mRNA , si RNA approaches for regenerative purpose
  • Cell therapy for immunomodulatory /antiinflammation  indications
  • Cell product characterization: genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, interactome
  • Microparticles, microvesicles, exosomes
  • Clinical translation, GMP development, first in man, tissue banks set up

Questions addressed:

Any relevant question aiming to translate regenerative medicine into clinical application, within the perimeter listed supra, but not exclusive.  Reinforce the scientific support to clinical activities and vice versa

Potential impact:

IREC has a number of projects around this thematic; the aim is to increase visibility and attract talents and funding to develop  regenerative medicine from bench to actual  clinical application .  Visibility also for third parties, including governmental and  industrial partners as this activity must typically benefit from public private funding. International visibility and positioning of IREC in the field.