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Technological Platforms offer their services to IREC researchers through equipment and expertise sharing


Flow Cytometry

The Flow cytometry platform was created in 2011.

It consist of tools for analysis (BD FACSCantoII) and cell separation (BD FACSAriaIII) under the supervision of a research logistician (Davide Brusa).

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Imaging Platform (2IP)

The 2IP multi-user platform was created in 2011 thanks to the sharing of imaging equipment present among the IREC research groups. 2IP gradually acquires new equipment and is now recognized as a UCL platform. 2IP is composed of one research logisticians (Caroline Bouzin) and two technicians (Michele de Beukelaer and Aurélie Daumerie).

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Integrated Physiology

This platform is installed on the 2d floor of the Harvey Tower (55) and some equipments are located within the animal experimentation platform.

  • Vascular reactivity (55 +2):
  • Conductance and resistance artery reactivity, Calcium and contractility measurements, Tissue isolation. The platform proposes a full access to equipments
  • Training of new users, help in setting experiment protocols and result analyses.

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Molecular Technologies (CTMA)

As a technological platform of the IREC institute, CTMA offers technological support and expertise to IREC-researchers from multiple IREC Research Labs.

CTMA provides to the IREC researchers access and support to use numerous molecular technologies including quantitative PCR, Sanger Sequencing, Pyrosequencing and Next-Generation-Sequencing (Illumina-Miseq), microarrays facilities (Affymetrix, Agilent, custom glass slide arrays…).

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Proteomics and metabolomics

Coordinated by Olivier Feron, this platform is installed in dedicated rooms at the second floor of Building 55 (Tour Harvey).

The platform is currently equipped with instruments bought by Profs O. Feron and P. Sonveaux (with the help of other co-promoters when grants were obtained from the FRS-FNRS) and directly managed by them together with Dr. Cyril Corbet.

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Animal facility

The main goals of this platform are to procure improved living conditions for animals in a state-of-the-art facility, as well as give access to high-end equipment for researchers, in an effort to mutualize equipment, skills and knowledge within the institute. The platform is currently composed of a logistician (Solveig Mouterde) and two technicians (Rachid El Kaddouri and Mihaly Palmai-Pallag).

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