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The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Research (IREC) at UCLouvain has an expertise in the translational research of cardiovascular pathologies from a clinical and fundamental point of view (from bench to bedside).

Two research poles are mainly involved in this thematic: the Cardiovascular Research Center (or CARD) and the Pharmacology and Therapeutics (or FATH). The cardiovascular thematic is leaded by principal investigators who are qualified researchers of the FNRS, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

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The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit is the research counterpart of the Clinical Imaging Department. Its medical staff is involved in various research programs. It has at its disposal technologies such as radiography, echography, scanner, magnetic resonance.

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Clinical Immunology

The thematic group of Translational and Clinical Immunology is composed of researchers with a daily experience in the clinical management of autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases, in areas of pneumonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology and rheumatology.

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Acute Medicine

The "acute medicine" thematic includes different areas of research related to the three professions representing acute medicine: anesthesiology, emergency medicine and intensive care. Our main research work is dedicated to clinical research through original local or multicentric international studies, both sponsored by academia or industry.

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Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes

The theme "Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes" covers two fundamental lines of research:

  • Hormones and Metabolism
  • Cancer and Metabolism

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Since the 1990s, the group is using a multi-level experimental approach to investigate mechanisms governing solute and water transport in various cell types including kidney tubular cells and endothelial cells.

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At IREC, the Oncology thematic brings together laboratories with basic and clinical research activities 

Oncology is the medical specialty focusing on the study, the diagnosis and the treatment of cancers.

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Human Reproduction

The thematic of Human Reproduction encompasses all the actors involved in research on female and male fertility at different levels.

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Health and Motion

Several teams of IREC researchers share a common goal of improving patients' quality of life by preserving or increasing their mobility, while addressing musculoskeletal disorders in a variety of ways :

  • The Anatomo-functional and psycho-social assessment of the patient 
  • The movement at the service of the lung 
  • Skeletal Tissues: Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Trials

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Clinical Center

The mission of the CTC is to professionalize clinical research in the institution and to cover all dimensions of commercial and academic research from an economic and organizational perspective.

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