Improvement of the perioperative management

Bruxelles Woluwe

Anesthesiology research aims to improve the quality of perioperative management of patients from the preoperative phase to the postoperative phase. We develop a clinical research activity in various anesthetic fields:

Neuromuscular blockade during the surgical procedure: our research focuses on improving the monitoring of the neuromuscular blockade and its interpretation as well as on the use of new drugs reversing the action of curare.

The surveillance and management of anticoagulation induced by direct thrombin inhibitors (DOAC) during the perioperative anesthetic period. Our research areas are: (1) the monitoring of hemorrhagic and thromboembolic events; (2) the validation of the biological tests; (3) the validation of the timelines published in the medical literature on the interruption of DOACs before general or locoregional anesthesia in different types of surgery; (4) the improvement of advices provided  during the anesthesiological consultation for the perioperative management of the DOACs.

The education for intubation and airway protection techniques: we develop simulation techniques for learning the technical operations and the validation of these techniques. We participate in researches on the impact of intubation on the voice during treatment of pathologies of the tracheobronchial tree as well as on the validation of new intubation techniques.

Impact of the patient's nutritional status on post-surgical morbidity: Several studies focus on the impact of nutritional status and the benefits of a prospective improvement of their nutritional status on post-surgical morbidity in oncologic surgery or in patients with lung transplantation.

The fragility of elderly patients during cardiac surgery: we undertake a multidisciplinary clinical work evaluating the clinical, biological and sociological parameters of geriatric patients during cardiac surgery.