A new robust method of digital image analysis developed by the IREC's multidisciplinary research group on fibrosis

Bruxelles Woluwe


Fibrosis is a pathological process that affects different organs and for which there is currently no effective therapy. A multidisciplinary research project was initiated within IREC Imaging platform (2IP) by Drs Caroline Bouzin and Guillaume E Courtoy and brought together the GAEN, PNEU, NEFR and LTAP research poles. The objective of this project was to better appraise and describe the accumulation of collagen in several experimental models. The first results of this collaborative study were published in Biomolecules (https://www.mdpi.com/2218-273X/10/11/1585) in collaboration with the University of Zurich. The researchers propose a new histological method for quantifying and characterizing fibrosis in models of hepatic, pulmonary and renal fibrosis. This should make it possible to better assess the pathogenic processes of fibrosis and the effectiveness of new therapies.   

The research team: Guillaume Courtoy, Aurélie Daumerie, Caroline Bouzin, Michèle de Beukelaer, Pr François Huaux, Pr Antoine Froidure, Pr Isabelle Leclercq

Published on December 15, 2020