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#Lung fibrosis

#Rheumatic diseases

#Cystic fibrosis

#Type 1 diabetes

Different research topics are developed within the thematic:

- The axis 'pulmonary fibrosis', focusing on the links between inflammation and fibrosis, is carried by François Huaux within LTAP, in close interaction with PNEU researchers (Antoine Froidure, Charles Pilette) concerned with interstitial lung diseases, as well as RUMA researchers (Farah Tamirou, Christine Gallant, Bernard Lauwerys, Frédéric Houssiau) interested in systemic scleroderma.

- The axis 'systemic and inflammatory rheumatic pathologies' carries out clinical studies (Frédéric Houssiau, Patrick Durez) and translational studies (Bernard Lauwerys) in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, using an original clinical material (synovial biopsies, renal biopsies, PBMC) as well as murine models.

Figure: Indirect immunofluorescence showing IgG2b deposits in B6.Sle1.Sle2.Sle3 lupus mice kidneys aged 7 months.


- The 'cystic fibrosis' axis is leaded by Sabrina Noel and Teresinha Leal (LTAP) who work on the CFTR and ENac transmembrane proteins, and also develop new models to evaluate the efficacy of new therapeutic strategies. In PNEU, Sophie Gohy works on the mechanisms of local immunodeficiency in the diseases favoring recurrent pulmonary infections.

Figure: Pathogenic events in cystic fibrosis and their treatments


- In PEDI, Philippe Lysy works on type 1 diabetes, in particular on the differentiation of pancreatic duct cells into insulin-secreting beta cells. Isabelle Scheers deals with autoimmune pancreatitis.