Research in economic law

Research activities

he research conducted within the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Economic Law (GRIDE) attempts to answer the following questions 
How does a company function? How does it adapt to its environment and react to market demands? How does it demonstrate transparency? How does it change its size and structure? How does it demonstrate mobility?

  • The notion of enterprise (private-public, market/non-market sector, public-private partnership, commercial company, group or association).
  • The legal structures of the company.
  •  Corporate governance
  • Shareholder democracy.
  • The rights of certain stakeholders within the company.
  • The scope and implementation of the concept of transparency within and outside of listed companies.
  • The status and responsibility of company directors.
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization.
  • Corporate mobility.
  • Guidance and safeguarding of companies in difficulty.
  • The social responsibility of the company.
  • The company facing globalization (WTO).