Research in social law

The activities of the interdisciplinary research group in social law (Atelier de droit sociAL) will focus on the following dimensions

  • Research contracts:, European network RECWOWE, various researches either to help decision making, or to elucidate legal and/or socio-economic issues (collaboration with the CIRTES Center)
  • Research and continuing education: based on legal monitoring and follow-up of current issues: Charter of the socially insured, liability, termination of the employment contract, social rights of foreigners, contract clauses, social status of company managers, collective bargaining and involvement of workers in cross-border collective relations, motivation of the right to terminate.
  • Doctoral research: posting of workers in the European Union, flexicurity, corporate social responsibility, decent work, end of career.
  • Seminar work: on a monthly basis, follow-up of current issues or important debates, but also follow-up of own research, progress discussions of works in progress.

The members of the Workshop regularly organize or participate in colloquia, study days, seminars open to the public or organized internally.