Project maturation


During the development process, the LTTO encourages project teams to get out of their laboratories in order to meet their future clients in person – to hear fresh opinions, points of view and experiences, and to tap new networks and external input throughout the life of their project.

Thus our teams are in constant search of ‘business mentors’: individuals prepared to help assist young researchers/entrepreneurs with their business development initiatives. If you would like to offer some of your time and experience to young (junior) researchers/entrepreneurs, send us your contact details. If your profile matches a project under development or in the incubation phase, we will get in touch and ask you to provide your comprehensive resume/CV in anticipation of arranging a meeting with the researcher(s)/entrepreneur(s).

N.B. Business mentoring is not intended to provide young researchers/entrepreneurs with paid consulting expertise. The aim is rather to allow two-way exchanges between very experienced (senior) entrepreneurs and young (junior) researchers/entrepreneurs.