Prof. Alain Vas re-elected vice-rector for Hainaut

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

On 18.06.20, Alain Vas, a professor at the Louvain School of Management, was re-elected vice-rector for Hainaut and will serve a second five-year term.

For his second term, which runs until 2025, Prof. Vas has set the following goals:

  • Keep proximity and social ties integral to the student experience
  • Continue developing an innovative pedagogy adapted to everyone
  • Stimulate cutting-edge research serving the region
  • Continue the eco-responsible transformation of UCLouvain campuses in Tournai, Mons and Charleroi
  • Long-term anchoring of UCLouvain as a preferred partner in the ecosystems of Hainaut
  • Make UCLouvain in Tournai a driving force in the development of the Eurometropolis, in Mons a benchmark university center in human social and management science, and in Charleroi a benchmark university in management and digital technology, particularly through lifelong learning

"We’re on our way and the course is set," the re-elected vice-rector says. "Priorities will be developed in concert with the entire UCLouvain community through regular discussion forums. Creating the conditions for success are based on mobilising the entire UCLouvain university community."

Developing UCLouvain in Hainaut, he emphasises, is the concern of everyone within the university. "The ambition remains to deploy a strong and daring university presence in Hainaut, particularly via our campuses in Tournai, Mons and Charleroi. The university is responsible for the European and international level while supporting the development of the regions where it’s located."

Publié le 19 juin 2020