Webinar / "Performing Leadership: what business leaders can learn from conductors?", Bernhard Kerres

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

22 avril 2021

12:30 CET


Don’t we all as leaders dream of a team singing from the same hymn sheet? Wouldn’t it be great to achieve an amazing performance even with a new team in just a few days?

Even Peter Drucker used the example of conductors and orchestras to write about leadership. But standing in front of an orchestra and co-creating this great performance is significantly more complex than it seems when we watch them.

In this talk, Bernhard Kerres will address:

  • Building up trust for outstanding performance
  • The PR2 framework of adaptive leadership derived from conductors
  • The changing role of conductors and leaders over time

The webinar is organized by BMI Brussels for the UCLouvain BMI International EMBA programme.

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