Midi de la recherche : ANNULÉ !

27 mars 2018


Leclercq 61

Rafael Costa (Interface Demography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Residential segregation in Belgium (ResSegr project)

The vast majority of the existing studies have examined residential segregation based on predefined administrative units such as municipalities and statistical sectors. Such units often differ in size, function and distribution across different regions and over time. This problem, known as Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (MAUP), affects any quantitative analyses of segregation. In the project ‘Residential segregation in five European countries’ (ResSegr), funded by JPI Urban Europe, we use innovative data and methods in order to produce more accurate measures of segregation in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Our research benefits from newly available geocoded data, which allow us to employ a multiscalar approach of segregation based on individualized neighborhoods. The aim of this presentation is to introduce our approach and our ongoing studies within the ResSegr project, and to discuss the potential use of the method and data for the study of residential segregation.