Palestine-Israël : One State or Two States ? A perspective for the israeli-palestinian conflict

01 avril 2019



Agora 10 - Passage Agora

Conference of Gideon Levy : Journalist at Haaretz.

The Oslo agreement was signed in September 1993 as a starting point for a peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. According to the Gaza-Jericho accord that followed in May 1994, an agreement on the final status of the Palestinian occupied territories should have been reached after 5 years at the latest, i.e. by May 1999. Almost 20 years have passed since then, while the occupation and colonisation of the Palestinian territories have never ceased.
The perspective for a two-state solution looks so gloomy that some have questioned the possibility of such a solution to the conflict, and have put forward a one-state solution for the two peoples as a viable alternative.
Prominent Israeli journalist Gideon Levy is one of them. What is his perspective on this vexing issue? As a contributor to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Gideon Levy has a deep knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.