ChatGPT and Education

In the context of our ARC project MOOCresearch2.0: A mixed-method and multidisciplinary approach to socio-cognitive conflicts in online educational platforms, on May 24th, we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Carlos Alario-Hoyos to present an academic talk on "Education in times of ChatGPT".


Who is the speaker?

Carlos Alario-Hoyos is Deputy Vice President for Strategy and Digital Education and Associate Professor in the Department of Telematics Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. He received M.S. and PhD degrees in Information and Communication Technologies from Universidad of Valladolid, Spain, in 2007 and 2012. His skills and experience include research and development in the areas of MOOCs, micro-credentials, learning analytics, active learning, collaborative learning, and evaluation of learning experiences, among others. He has been involved in the design and enactment of MOOCs deployed in edX, MiríadaX, and Open edX at UC3M. He is also subdirector of the UNESCO Chair on “Scalable Digital Education for All” and has participated in numerous national and international research and capacity building projects.


What was the talk about?

This presentation analyzed different Artificial Intelligence tools that have been recently published and discussed how they are affecting the tasks and processes that educators regularly do as well as the opportunities for automation and improvement of productivity. These tasks include the creation of scripts, the production of educational videos, the creation of quizzes or the organization of lectures, among others. In this challenging context the proper training on digital competences for educators becomes essential and new research opportunities emerge.


This event was organised by the members of the ARC project with the support of:

  • The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socialisation, Education, and Training (GIRSEF),  
  • The Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (LOURIM) and,
  • The Institut for Language and Communication (ILC).

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Publié le 06 juin 2023